Medicare Solutions, Inc.*
"Helping Medicare beneficiaries receive their benefits."

Welcome to the Medicare Solutions, Inc. website. We believe that the
information included here will help shed light and answer many
questions you may have about who we are and how we help
individuals in our communities, but also answer many questions
about Medicare and how it benefits affects Medicare beneficiaries.
Medicare Solutions, Inc.'s vision and purpose is to help the individuals
that need the help the most to receive all the benefits and programs
that they are eligible for. All benefits and services are provided at no
additional out-of-pocket cost to the individuals beyond the Part B
Medicare premium they, Medicaid, or a third party is already paying. We
truly embrace the opportunity we have been given to serve this
segment of our society that includes the elderly, disabled and lower
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This website is a private website and is not associated with, endorsed or
authorized by the Social Security Administration, the Department of Health and
Human Services, or the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services nor do we
claim to be.  This site contains basic information about Medicare, services
related to Medicare and services for people with Medicare.  If you would like
to find more information about the Government Medicare program please visit
the Official US Government site for people with Medicare located at
Medicare Solutions is an Insurance Agency licensed to enroll qualified
individuals in both Medicare Advantage Parts C & D.