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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How did Medicare Solutions, Inc. get Started?
Based in Dayton, Ohio Medicare Solutions, Inc. saw a need in early 2006 to help
Medicare beneficiaries become educated about the New Medicare Part D
Prescription Drug Program. To get the word out, we began conducting public
forums, radio talk shows and local television shows in collaboration with the
local Priority Boards (political/community action group). As we became more
involved with the community in the Dayton area we realized the segment that
needed the most help was the lower income individuals, so we began leaning
toward helping this group.

How is Medicare Solutions, Inc. Funded?
The Benefit Representatives of Medicare Solutions, Inc. are contracted with
many of the Part C & D Medicare providers, ( examples: United Health Care,
Anthem, Well Care, CCRx, Silver Script, et
c.) , that pay Medicare Solutions, Inc. &
compensate when an eligible individual is approved by Medicare. The amount
part C & D providers pay per enrollment are approved through CMS.

It is important to note
that Medicare Solutions, Inc. is a service first organization.
The enrollment of different plans come as a result of the services we perform,
not visa versa.

Is Medicare Solutions, Inc. a part of Medicare?
No. Medicare Solutions is an independent service organization. We are not
government employees or insurance company employees. We are completely
independent and impartial. We simply are trained and licensed to understand all
facets of the Medicare system and are able to help individuals one-on-one to
make informed decisions.

What Services do Medicare Solutions benefit coordinators provide?
All Medicare Solutions Benefits Representatives are trained and licensed to
handle the different Medicare Part C and D Plans, and comply with all CMS
regulations. Further in-depth training is required to understand the complete
Medicare system and how all the other organizations that interact with Medicare
effect beneficiary's. Including:

Numerous Insurance Companies
Mental Health Care Agencies
Social Security
Billing Departments
Durable Medical Equipment Providers
How can Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) be better for someone than
the original Part A&B?
The "Medicare And You" handbook sent out every year to Medicare beneficiaries
best answers this question in their 2006 edition. It is a government handbook sent
for the purpose to educate Medicare Beneficiaries about what benefits they are
eligible for. To quote section 5: "Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) are health plan
options that are part of the Medicare Program. If you join one of the plans, you
generally get all your Medicare covered health care through that plan. This coverage
can include prescription drug coverage. Medicare pays a set amount of money for
your care every month to these private health plans whether or not you use the
In most of these plans, generally they are extra benefits and lower
co-payments than in the original Medicare Plan...."

In May 2004, a CMS study indicated that out of pocket costs for Medicare Advantage
Enrollees were 34% lower than for beneficiary's that have traditional Medicare
coverage. An updated CMS analysis was released in April 2005 estimates
beneficiary's are expected to save approximately $100 per month or $1200 per year
in out-of-pocket expenses compared to original Medicare beneficiaries.
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Does the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) authorize or endorse
Medicare Solutions, Inc?
Not approved, endorsed, or authorized by the
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or the
Department of Health & Human Services.