Medicare Solutions, Inc. came into my life at a very opportune time. I was
undergoing divorce proceedings and it had become necessary to switch from my husband's policy to a personal plan. I got good answers to my questions from
Scott. He made it easy for me to understand my Medicare needs. I have been
hospitalized twice since I came on board with Medicare Advantage Plan. I am very
satisfied with my plan.

Nedine Taylor
Dayton, Ohio
I would recommend Medicare Solutions, Inc. to all Medicare subscribers,
especially those, like me, who are moving onward and upward in their lives. I just recently moved into my apartment and finding the time to evaluate the best
Medicare choices was difficult at best. But very important. Unlike other programs,
Rob sat down with me and helped me work out all my Medicare needs, gave me
good advice, and helped me get medical transportation. It was good to know,
later, when I ran out of money, that I only had to borrow $20.00 to get all of my
medications. That definitely beats paying full price.

Willie R. Range
Dayton, Ohio
Medicare Solutions, Inc. worked hard helping me understand all the
different angles of my Medicare program. I enrolled a few months ago
and I still have many questions. I really appreciate their patience, they
take all my questions seriously. Sometimes I require lots of repetition
because at first I just can't get it. So far every time I've had an uneasy
feeling as to whether or not I've chosen the right program, they have
shown me just how my plan is working for me.

Phyllis K. Fisher
Dayton, Ohio
"How much did Medicare Solutions, Inc. help me with my Medicare
A whole Lot!" The real question being, how did I ever get along without them? Mr.
Lombardo was very generous with his time and his patience made me
comfortable with my decision. Without Medicare Solutions help I was not able to
afford eye and dental care. But with my new plan, I only pay a few dollars and I
choose the best doctors. I am happy with my Medicare plan.

Willie M. Walker
Dayton, Ohio
I am a Veteran and I get many health services at the VA hospital. But,
because I have no idea what President Bush might do, I decided to enroll with Medicare Advantage Plan to cover the possibility of  the VA centers being closed
down. I remember when President Nixon just closed up the public health
hospitals, all by himself; just closed them down, just like that. My main reason for
enrolling in this Medicare plan is to protect myself from being out in the cold if this
were to happen again.

Raymond P. Kennedy
Dayton, Ohio
Medicare SolutionsInc. has been helpful to me in a lot of ways, such as,
providing me transportation to my medical appointments and low prescription costs. I am grateful to Staurt and Medicare Solutions for finding me a program
that transformed me into a preferred patient. All the best doctors, all the best
features, this program is good all around for me in that respect. I would
recommend Medicare Solutions to all disabled persons. It is an excellent

Gay Ward
Dayton, Ohio
Since the government initiated the recent changes in Medicare benefits,
finding a replacement has been a real pain. Everyone was sending brochures, letters and booklets; all claiming to be the best. Rob and Medicare Solutions were
a definite help with me finding the right program for me.I am very pleased with
how Medicare Solutions, Inc. has drastically cut my medical costs and settled all
my Medicare needs.

Robert G. Johnstone
Dayton, Ohio

Jeff, I want to personally thank you for organizing this week's meetings with
representatives from Medicare Solutions, Inc. I was particularly impressed with Stuart Parker. I had originally wrote some questions down in hope that he could
help me understand the Medicare program since this program became effective
for me September 1, 2006. I had told Mr. Parker that up to date I have complied
with every thing that Medicare and Job & Family Services have advised in how to
use Medicare. Their advice has proved to be contradicting, misleading, and out
right incorrect. As a result, their advice has cost me money that I did not have. Mr.
Stuart not only tried to clear those mistakes up, he told me that I was eligible for
Medicare Advantage Plan for Special Needs. I has no idea I was eligible at all! Job
& Family Services and Medicare failed to disclose this information to me. Mr.
Parker has signed me into this program effective November 1, 2006.

I found Mr Parker very informative, professional, and pleasant. I could tell he really
knows his way around the system designed for people like me. There was no
question that went unanswered. I really felt that he cared that I got what I was
entitled to. He was absolutely outstanding! The information he provided me will
help me rest better. As you know, due to my age, there are many programs I am
ineligible to participate in often resulting in financial stress. I also observed that
other residents were grateful for his services when word got around the building
just how knowledgeable was Mr. Parker and the other Benefits R

Again, thank you for bringing this organization to Trinity Manor to help us. If I could
but ask one favor, since you know how to locate Mr. Parker, would you please let
his superiors know how much he was appreciated here. I pray that other residents
will share their gratitude with you as well.

DeRhonda M. Adams
Middletown, Ohio
I wanted to express my thanks for what Medicare Solutions, Inc. has done
for me. The two cares that are most important to me are that my current
Medicare Part D plan would not pay for my name brand, (prescription
Nexium) and I really liked that specific prescription. So, Medicare Solutions
put me on a plan that does cover it. Also, I now have the option to go to a
family doctor instead of the community clinic. Thank you so much
Medicare Solutions.

Dora Allen
Middletown, Ohio
Medicare Solutions, Inc.
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I just want to say thank you for the long patience that Medicare Solutions,
Inc. and Scott Lombardo has had with me. When Scott was
recommended to me by my pastor I thought I had done all I could to
unravel the mess regarding my Medicare and dual eligibility. At that time I
did not even know what that meant. But, Mr. Lombardo and Medicare
Solutions explained it all to me and then put me on a plan that is going to
save me plenty. Thank you so much Medicare Solutions for coming into
my life! May 2007 be a banner year for Medicare Solutions!
God bless you!

Melcena R. Darrah
Dayton, Ohio
Medicare Solutions, Inc. is an absolute Godsend! I have Medicare and
Medicaid with a $382 spend down. That means I had to spend $382 any month if I require medical care in order to receive my Medicaid card. I had no idea after
years in that system that there was help out there like Medicare Solutions.
Medicare Solutions, Inc. explained and actually took the time helping me
understand. The program I have now instead of paying the spend down, I only pay
a small co-pay. I am also receiving free transportation. They truly are a blessing.
Everyone else in our building felt the same personal touch I encountered. They
are great!

Trudy Smith
Dayton, Ohio
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