About Us

Medicare Solutions, Inc. is an independent service and enrollment organization  
(not affiliated with Medicare or any other government agency) that specializes in
helping Medicare beneficiaries receive all of the services, subsidized programs
and benefits they are eligible for. All services and benefits are provided to
individuals at no out-of-pocket cost to them beyond the Part B premium they,
Medicaid or a third party is already paying.

As of January 1, 2006 there was a complete overhaul of the Medicare system.
Millions of seniors and disabled individuals were affected by these changes.
Medicare does not have a local system in place that helps individuals to
determine if the new system is working properly for them.

Medicare Solutions, Inc. originated out of the need to help this segment of our
society. After assisting thousands of lower income seniors and disabled
individuals in Southwest Ohio, we have determined that approximately 15% -
20% of individuals are ill-informed, confused or have fallen through the cracks of
the new Medicare system in one way or the other.
About Us
Our organization is committed to helping those affected through a network that  
community including;
  • Housing Authorities
  • Pharmacies
  • HUD Subsidized Housing
  • Department of Job and Family Services
  • Mental Health Care Agencies
  • Clinics
  • Senior Employment Services
  • Priority Boards
  • Radio Talk Shows
  • Television Shows
  • Community Civic Centers
  • Veterans Facilities
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • and more
An important aspect about us is how we are structured. We are completely
independent and impartial. Our Benefits R
epresentatives are licensed and
trained to understand and assist with all the programs and benefits that are
available in the individual's state and county without being biased in any way. We
are simply looking out for what is in the best interest for each individual.
The new Medicare system was designed in a way that was difficult to understand
and in turn the recipients ultimately affected. Service coordinators, senior
agencies and case workers are trying their best to understand and implement all
facets of the new system, but along with all of their other duties they perform for
seniors and the disabled it is more than should be expected of them.
The fact that Medicare Solutions, Inc. specializes in understanding this new
small arena is why we are able to help so many Medicare beneficiaries. We are
simply filling a need that exists within this group in our communities.
Medicare Solutions, Inc.
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